“In a fast-paced and high pressure environment, you really need a mentor like Natalie to remind you to always step back and look at the big picture before getting pigeon holed and missing out on everything else that is going on around you.” James, 19

“I’ve only experienced such genuine and considerate advising during my time with Natalie. She is a one-of-a-kind gem that cares so much for her students’ ambitions, feelings, and future careers.” V, female, 18

“Natalie was my primary resource for keeping my academic career as stress-free as possible. I felt that I could always come to her with any issue and trust that she would help me as much as possible. She is very dedicated to the success of her students and I am lucky to have had Natalie as my coach. And most importantly, she is an incredibly friendly and warm person, which makes it easy for students to reach out for guidance.” Josh, 18

“Freshman year is never easy. Living 24 hours from home in an entirely new region of the country especially posed a challenge to my adapting to college. But whenever I had a doubt, worry, or question about how to navigate college and life, I always knew that Natalie would be there for me! I am in Spain now because of her advice (thank you!), and I’m both confident and excited about taking full advantage of all Dartmouth has to offer mainly knowing that she will always bring up new ideas to me and can help with making sure I’m prepared and educated of all that is necessary! I feel so blessed to have a coach that is so truly kind but also so intelligent, proactive, and knowledgeable. College is a much warmer place when you have someone who really cares about you and is invested in your life and personal success – Natalie embodies all that and more. I am so excited about these next three years having her wisdom and knowledge to support and guide me.” Emma, 19

“Natalie Hoyt has helped our daughter navigate the organizational and academic challenges of college life for well over a year. Natalie gave our daughter the tools and strategies to better access her intellectual and creative abilities so that she could succeed and feel confident.Natalie is also incredibly dedicated, intelligent, and wise. She is truly gifted at what she does.” Parent of Class of 2015

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